Juletid med æbleskivepande


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The festive season is truly sweet, if one loves all the tasty Christmas traditions. For example, fritters maybe my own personal greatest load. I love them in all shapes and sizes, but must admit that I have a predilection for those who are home-made, preferably in a real apple slice pan. If you really want to arrange for a forehead that batter, I can give an extra good little tricks to get yourself a cast iron pan. Cast iron has some amazing properties and with an apple slice pan in this material, you are always guaranteed perfect, round, airy and tasty fritters. My family has always been very much into Christmas, and indeed in having a cast iron panand a takoyaki. We actually have many other pans, but they are all in cast iron, as we in our family has learned that this gives the best results.

Safe and delicious results with a cast iron frying pan

What makes a cast iron pan is so great, is just material. A cast iron pan distributes heat evenly so that never occurs temperature differences on the forehead and one ends up with the food not properly prepared, but burned anywhere and fine elsewhere. With a dumpling pan cast iron, are you sure that you have a dumpling forehead that fry the delicious fritters complete as they should. If you have not bought your own dumpling forehead yet, you should really consider starting out with the Review. Always great quality and safe results.

Christmas with apple slice pan