Let there be light


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Light is important stuff. It brightens our days and makes us sleep when it’s gone. It can make us depressed when there is not enough of it, to the point where we seek theraphy to bring it back in much needed doses. It affects our minds and our mood, probably much more than we are aware of. Winters are tough on us, but less so if it snows, because snow illuminates and brings us light. It´s the dark days and the grey skies, that play tricks with our minds and makes us moody.

We travel for light. We seek warmer climates and choose sunny destinations. We travel to other hemispheres to see the world under a new light and escape the northern winter. Southern Europe fills up in winter, with sun and light seeking travellers and tourists escaping the dark North. When that happenes, we tend to go crazy and dress up happily in shorts, t-shirts and sandals, even though it´s only 15 degrees, and the Spanish locals think we are absolutely mad. But it´s not only the warmer temperatures – it´s the sun and the light that makes us feel good and almost eccentric.

Artists work with light and the dimensional effect it has on the artwork they do. Painters have used light for centuries and always tried to capture moments and motifs with that very special light, and put in on canvas. They too, have travelled the world in search of good locations where they could portrait not only foreign lands, cultures and sceneries – but also work in places that could ‘illuminate’ and stimulate their creative minds.

Natural light indoors with glazed roofs

Light makes plants grow and life as we know it, could not exist witout it. So light is vital for us humans and we are getting even better at making good use of it, for instance turning light into sustainable energy etc.

Architects and builders are beginning to incorporate natural light into their designs and construction of buildings and houses. Having a glazed roof in your house today is no longer a distant futuristic feature, it´s a way of building that is already here today – and home owners are making use of it. A company like Vitral works with all sorts of new glazing innovations and techniques, and generally more builders are now working with installation of roofs and windows, in a way that allows the natural light from outside, to enter the premises.